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Emma Samways, InEvents Director, can provide a personal consultancy service for any business currently running events or that wants to get into the events market. Emma has a proven track record of grew events s from revenues in the region of tens of thousands of pounds to making just shy of a million pounds a year. Emma has a wealth of knowledge on commercialising events, branching into new areas, and how to set up best practice across a team or business as a whole.


Emma can

  • Identify new markets and opportunities
  • Identify how you can increase revenue
  • Identify areas to improve customer service
  • Identify training needs
  • Implement best practice
  • Help you to take your events to the next level


Are you currently getting a PA, office manager, marketing manager or someone else in your business to arrange events?


Do you want to give them the training to take your events to the next level?


Emma Samways, Director of InEvents, offers a one day training course for anyone running events ancillary to their main job. The course will give them a real understanding of the event manager's role, how to avoid all the common pitfalls, how to plan an event, budgetary skills, and most importantly, how to make sure the event meets expectations and represents your business at it's best.


This course will help businesses, who's budget won't yet stretch to employing a full time event manager, ensure that their events are of a similar quality.


The training covers

  • What to do and think about when you get a brief
  • How to budget for the event
  • The event schedule and what should be done when
  • Ideas for marketing the event
  • Ideas for prominent branding at the event
  • What to do in the final week
  • What to do on the event day
  • What to do after the event
  • Hints and tips to make the events as successful as possible


In addition to this training module there is an opportunity to tailor content to your specific event needs for a further half day.

Case study

Consultancy feedback

After a days training at Newsquest in Dorset we received this feedback from one of the managers on the course. The course was tailored to their business and took them through:


  • Quick wins - identified gaps in the market
  • Revenue models and priceing suggestions
  • Sponsorship material
  • Process management and best practice

Want to see how we can help take your events and staff to the next level?


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