What we believe in

At InEvents we have some core values that we believe help to make us the best we can be and deliver the highest quality events possible.


In-novation – InEvents are always searching for the latest event innovation, whether it is entertainment, culinary delights or event table centres. We want to make your events stand out from the crowd and the only way to do this is to always look forward and come up with the most exciting new ideas.


In-tegrity – At InEvents we believe in being open and honest. We will be clear about how long a job will take and how much it will cost from the start. There will be no nasty surprises.


In-comparable customer service – We hate it when we receive bad service where people are rude, they take ages to respond to you or don’t deliver what they promise. At InEvents we set high standards for ourselves to ensure we deliver not only great customer service to you, our client, but also the people attending your events too.


In-thusiasm – We can’t help but love our job and no matter what you present us with, we promise to treat it with in-thusiasm.  We believe that in-thusiasm is infectious and that the events we run for you will enthuse your staff, clients and potential customers.


In partnership – InEvents believes in working with you to make your events as successful as possible. We believe we are only successful when we work as a team.


Making Memories – We believe that by delivering all our core values we are helping to make memories. Whether it is people remembering your business, or your staff or guests having memories created, that last a lifetime. We know it’s cheesy but it is the best part of our job! 

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